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Open Staff Positions

With the server recently being brought online and our vision finalized, we are looking to pick up a few staff members to work on development. Majority of the base game and launch content is already developed but we are looking to expand onto this and grow into our own world. If you are interested, reach out to me via PM here or on Discord.

- Experience with C++ and SQL. Perl and Lua preferred
- Will be using github primarily to host repositories

Lore & Dialogue Writer
- We are in need of someone with a background in lore writing and story development
- If you were the type of person who constructed deep and fulfilling backstories for your dungeons and dragons characters, this is your calling

- Assist with community engagement, answering of questions, directing players to existing information, how to submit bugs, and other general requests
- Serves as a liaison between the community and Senior Staff/Admin Team
- Also helps maintain order by enforcing rules
- Role applies to both the Server and Discord

Senior Guides/GMs
- Assists with more complex problems/questions
- Have a greater understanding of the server, direction, and structure
- These roles will be filled by Guides who grow into them through experience

No Dev/GM/Guide will ever have access to the server itself. This is to maintain integrity of the server and the community. All actions taken by Staff Members are monitored.

Updated: 2 October 2019