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Sun Mar 15, 2020 11:18 am

Roll of updates between last patch and today:
  • Geza Rod for Tarton's Wheel Quest should now spawn in the correct location
  • There is now a recipe/combine for Busted Froglok Slave Shackles (Geozite Tool Quest)
  • Nek Portal now works as intended
  • Reworked fingered skeleton, skeletal cook, and undead jester spawns in Kurn's Tower to accurately include thick boned skeletons for Warrior Pike quest
  • Warder Cecilia (Cleric Epic) no longer gives you a box of bindings since you should already have one from Zordak
  • Fixed a dialogue issue with Drill Master Kyg (Warrior Pike Quest)
  • Iksar racial quest rewards (NEC Helm, BST Claw, WAR Pike, SHD Khukri, SHM Cudgel) are now all usable by all races
  • Trickster's, Soultorn, Transon's, Elnerick's, and Ahimsa Silk pieces are now lore
  • Froglok Outlanders (WAR Pike) now only spawn in Swamp of No Hope and drop the correct heads
  • Malka Rale's spawn (ROG Epic) has placeholders instead of being on a day/night cycle
  • Tinkerella's watch pieces are now Magic
  • Ranger "Call of" self buffs now last UP TO 1 hour
  • Ranger Call of Flames now has an additional DoT component
  • Horrifying Visage (ENC) now has the correct aggro modifier
  • Merchants now clear their inventory on restarts
  • All Epics are now usable by all races
  • You can now check raid lockouts at Lyrei Biven
  • Fixed a typo in The Righteous Order quest that prevented the final turn-in from working
  • Zoning between Overthere and Skyfire should now place you in more reasonable locations
  • Fetid Fiends (Fear) no longer flee at low health
  • Krup Shields now correctly combine into a Crushed Shields (WAR Pike)
  • Klok Toren (Cabilis) now sells Medium Quality Ore
  • Zoning from Butcherblock to Greater Faydark should now place you in a more reasonable location
  • Caradon (Hole) no longer has a placeholder
  • Caradon (Hole) now has a 2-day + variance spawn timer
  • Zoning between East Freeport and North Ro should now place you in more reasonable locations
  • There is now a world emote when a player completes any tier of progression
  • Soul Well should now work as intended
  • Soul Well has had its duration increased to 12 ticks up from 10
  • Whirl Till You Hurl now only affects NPCs up to level 55
  • You can now Gate/Teleport out of Home
  • a Sarnak Revenant (LOIO) no longer drops two different types of candlestick feet/stems
  • Increased drop rate on Froglok Head from a specific Froglok Outlander (SONH)
  • Vah Shir are now a playable race
  • Kerra Island (kerraridge) has now become the home for the Vah Shir
  • Vah Shir are now able to become Clerics, Paladins, and Shadowknights
  • Beastlord Epic NPCs that were originally in Shar Vahl are now in Kerra Ridge (Historians, Weapons Master, Elder Animist, etc)
  • Arel Yinrie can now translocate players to Kerra Ridge
  • Sol Ro Temple Quest Rewards should all now be usable by all races
  • Goblin/Sarnak Messengers (Various) should now spawn correctly (WAR Pike #6)
  • Bloodgill Goblin Scavenger (LOIO) should now spawn correctly (WAR Pike #6)
  • Iksar Mercenaries (FOB) should now spawn correctly (WAR Pike #6)
  • Created the WAR Pike #7 Quest - All NPCs, Dialogue, Tradeskill Combines, Drops, etc. It should now work
  • Created the WAR Pike #8 Quest - All NPCs, Dialogue, Tradeskill Combines, Drops, etc. It should now work
  • Shovel of Ponz now has the correct Focus / Clicky
  • Wood Elves can now become Clerics
  • Dark Elves can now become Rangers
    * Please understand the complications of this decision before you choose it; there will be no hand-holding
  • Bind Sight line of spells/songs should no longer require Line of Sight
  • Tier V Augments are once again droppable
  • NPCs should now be better about "doing nothing" when stuck
  • There are now Magician trainers/merchants for Frogloks
  • CHALLENGE EVENT: Putrescent Army is now live
    * You may find a clue in Kithicor...
    * Hard Mode will be available in a future update
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