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Sat Feb 01, 2020 12:41 am

  • Wizard Spell Rework is Live
    • Entire range of damage spells have had their damage, mana, resists, cast, recast, ratios or other factors changed
    • Goal was to make damaging spells scale more linearly:
      • Single target spells have better efficiencies with care given to other factors (like stuns, fast cast, resist adjust, etc)
      • Many had their damage/mana shift upwards/downwards depending on the level range
      • Many AoE/Rain spells had their efficiencies adjusted to balance against single target spells
      • Many AoE spells have had their damage and mana shifted upwards to be more relevant at their given levels
      • Frozen Harpoon/Ice Spear line of spells are now fast cast, long cooldown
    • Harvest Buffs are already in effect
    • Concussion Buff is already in effect
    • Familiars now give an aggro reduction modifier (increasing with ranks)
    • Barrier of Force (Epic) now stacks with the Rune line and Spiritual Purity line of spells
  • Short Sword of Morin is now usable by all Rangers
  • Exhumed Gnoll (Lake Rathe) should no longer cast Lure of Shadows
  • Festering Hags (Unrest) now cast wizard spells as intended
  • Illusion Masks are now usable by all Rogues/Bards
  • Spell: Invigor has been removed from merchants
  • There should now be fewer Giants/Icy Terrors pathing through the entrance area of Permafrost
  • Spell: Ethereal Remedy (Cleric) now has a 1.75s cast time (down from 2.75s)
  • Vibrating Gauntlets/Hammer of Infuse no longer poof on Transmute (you may see an error though; ignore it)
  • Increased the drop rate of Tinkerella components from Veeshan's Peak
  • Port Spell Changes:
    • Tishan's Relocation is now Evacuate: Skyfire
    • Markar's Relocation is now Evacuate: Emerald Jungle
    • Wind of the North is now Succor: Skyfire
    • Wind of the South is now Succor: Emerald Jungle
  • There are new port spells for Tutorial (Home)
    • Ring of Home (Dru - 19)
    • Circle of Home (Dru - 29)
    • Zephyr: Home (Dru - 44)
    • Home Gate (Wiz - 19)
    • Home Portal (Wiz - 29)
    • Translocate: Home (Wiz - 44)
  • You now automatically Un-Mem all spells when Mentoring
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