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Wed Jan 15, 2020 3:12 pm

This update includes everything between the last update and today as I haven't seen a big need to post individual updates as things have been pretty smooth.
  • Fixed an issue causing client crashes when zoning into instances
  • FV and OT Translocators no longer send you Home
  • Asrael now gives Epic 1.0 Flags for progression
  • Added a map for Tutorial (Home) to the patcher
  • Arel (Home) now tells you if a port is safe (as in you can port there and zone out without guard aggro)
  • Classic completion is now required for Kunark progression (see below)
  • There is now a reward upon the completion of each content progression tier
  • The entrance to VP now accurately both requires the original key and adds it to keyring
  • Ozohra (Home) now sells Upheaval
  • Fixed an issue with Telin Darkforest requiring more faction than intended
  • Fixed an issue with Maesyn Trueshot requiring more faction than intended
  • Trueshot Longbow and Rain Caller are now usable by all Rangers
  • Kuughrak's Blade is now primary/secondary usable, as intended
  • Implemented a fix for zone lag issues
  • The old !commands are now #commands - This now also shows available default commands
  • Muriel and Azazel are now Trackable
  • Fixed a dialogue issue with Elder Animist Dumul (BST Epic)
  • Mysterious Voice was evicted from West Karana
  • The Instance Request Timer has been reduced to 15 minutes, from 1 hour
  • Lyrei Biven (Home) can now send you to any instance you're currently assigned to
  • Spell: Dead Men Floating has been added to Researcher Graffe (Home)
  • Fixed a dialogue issue with Keras McArik (BER Epic)
  • Hotzone updates are now completely automated
  • There is now a wall blocking the Exit hole (Home) - If you still end up in the hole, you deserve it.
  • Pelt Upgrade Quest in Rathe Mountains (Dar Forager Lumun) now works with Lion skins and no longer is restricted to Frogloks
  • Surefall Fletching Kits have had their recipe adjusted to be similar to the Feir`Dal Fletching Kit
    - Container Base Mold, Container Lid Mold, Hinge mold, Water Flask, Small Brick of Steel, Mark of Karana
  • Qaelin Hailstorm (Surefall) now sells Small Brick of Steel and Large Brick of Steel
  • Given the above changes, Blessed Guardian Arrows are now craftable by Karana Fletchers
  • Lynuga (Innothule) is now a lot less generous with her better rewards
  • Maligar (Bard Epic) should now despawn after handing him the note (as intended)
  • Juma (Home) now sells Simple Potion Vial and Handful of Prism Grains
  • Earring of Woven Bark is now usable by all Rangers
  • Elnerick's Robe now has a recast timer (as intended)
  • The Client and Patcher have been updated. A patch file has been put together for existing players that will retain your existing character/ui files. Download the patch file, unzip it anywhere, copy the files into your EQEmuCW directory, overwriting everything (you can elect not to overwrite eqclient.ini if you wish). If you are a new player, then download the updated client as normal. In both instances remember we also use a patcher to pass frequently updated files and you will need to do that before playing.
    1. Patch File: https://patch.clumsysworld.com/patch.zip
    2. Client: https://patch.clumsysworld.com/EQEmuCW.zip
    There are several notable improvements with this update:
    1. Humans no longer have stiff animations or do the T-pose
    2. Spirit Wolves once again look like Spirit Wolves
    3. Iksar Skeletons no longer have pink teeth
    4. You should notice a slight improvement in time it takes to login and zone (depending on your hardware/internet)
    5. You should experience fewer login/zoning crashes due to conflicts in global model loading
    As with any updates if you notice anything out of the ordinary, like regular human models in place of say a spectre or other model, please let me know.
  • You no longer join New Players as a new player. General, Auction, and Class-specific channels have all be adjusted so that you SHOULD join them at level 1. If you're one of the few that do not autojoin channels, then see my note in #new-players on Global Chat Channels
  • The bonus mana multipliers for Harvest and Harvest II have been increased
  • Boon of the Garou now uses the OG Werewolf model
  • Gargoyles in The Hole now look like OG Gargoyles and sit/perch where appropriate
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