A moment of reflection

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A moment of reflection

I wanted to take a minute to reflect on our origins.

The server got its name from a player named Clumsy back in 2005-2006 time frame. He started this awesome classic server, by himself, long before P99 and long before the powerful tools we had available to us today. He was a Erudite, he always wore an SMR, and he was always in a guild called <Alpha Omega>. He had a simple vision: create a social and challenging environment for players to enjoy.

I was a player on his server from around 2006-2008. I helped beta test for a long time and I, as well as many others, who helped him were rewarded with one item named after us when the server launched. I chose the Fungi Tunic; it was henceforth named Tunic of the Malevolent. We loved this server, sometimes peaking 50-60 players. Bregan D`Aerthe played with us for a long time as well and I was a member on my Shadowknight, Malevolent.

Well sometime in late 2007 Clumsy brought in two people to help out as GMs. One was me, and thus Specialty was born. Unlike the other GM, I never crossed lanes with my roles. No one except Clumsy knew who Specialty was for real. He was like a silent and powerful guide in the darkest of times (lol okay whatever). Anyways, I spent a lot of time cleaning up issues, helping players, and running events. One day Clumsy dubbed me "the Resolver." This is why my Specialty character always has that title.

Unfortunately, sometime in 2008 Clumsy stepped down. He said he was shutting down the server unless someone took over. I of course offered. I didn't know anything about running a server and this was long before SQL or Perl were terms I really understood. But I researched, I studied, and I setup a server. I had a test environment working so Clumsy passed me the database, I imported it, booted it up, and Clumsy's World continued to live on until 2012.

During this time Clumsy actually poked his head into our forums once to say hello. We of course tried to get him to come play but he declined and we haven't seen him since. I continued to maintain the image that Specialty and Malevolent were different people. I ran separate accounts, different forum names, etc. I never gave into the guise of who Specialty was. This was great because I became one of the first developers and server operators who meshed with the community on a player-level. They expected nothing from me because I was a regular guy, just like them, and they gave me unbiased, unfiltered feedback. I was able to complete groups and raids with players and get a real hands on feeling of the balance of the server. Specialty casually watched from the shadows and would perform live balancing while we tested. It was a system that worked well (this was long before Discord mind you).

Sadly during this time I had to step down due to military obligations and the players who offered to manage the server for me in my absence hosed everything. It was a complete loss. I was so angry I made a public post declaring I was Specialty the whole time, threw in the towel, and walked away from the project completely. 8 years of work, gone.

Around 2014 I started researching and considering relaunching the project, getting updated on all the changes in the Emu world. I ran a small server for a little while for a small group of friends but ultimately stepped away as I was kind of in a bad place mentally.

Today (well in the past year at least) I decided I was finally ready to bring the project back. It will be similar to the same ole Clumsy's World from before, just with more emphasis on a backstory, some lore, and with more direction. There's a plethora of Classic servers around, not including P99, so we're not interested in fighting that market. But we know content and that's what we're going to do.

One of the first major changes we're bringing to the server is a memorium for our friend Clumsy, the man who started it all. All new players will be greeted by him and he will handle server introductions, information, and other basic tasks for new players. When you finally decide to log in and check us out, make sure you say hi. His story is much more than I could ever explain in text.

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