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Mon Aug 31, 2020 2:00 pm

Roll up of updates between last patch and today:
  • Ozohra Darkfire (Home) now sells Ward of the Divine (CLR)
  • Zoning between Lake of Ill Omen and Frontier Mountains should now place you in more reasonable locations
  • Spirit of Torment no longer looks like a human
  • Fixed an issue with Lusty Argonian Maid causing her to hand out extra AA points
  • Spell: Invisibility to Undead (WIZ) has been added to Nephinae (Home)
  • Zoning from Emerald Jungle to Trakanon's Teeth should now place you in a more reasonable location
  • Illusionist Tisior (Home) now sells Illusion: Vah Shir
  • Small formatting update to Lyrei Biven's text (Home)
  • Warlord Xyzith should no longer look like a human
  • Shovel of Ponz no longer has charges
  • Putrescent Swift Bow now has range
  • Dark Animist's Armor is now usable by all Beastlords
  • Spirit of Wind (BST) no longer does a knock up
  • Spell scrolls for Markar's Relocation, Tishan's Relocation, Wind of the North, and Wind of the South have been renamed to reflect previous changes
  • Cazic Thule no longer drops Cazic Skin
  • Tolapumj no longer drops Mistletoe Powder
  • Froglok Krup Guard (SONH) now drops his items a bit more often
  • Reworked Ancient Loot Tables so that it is no longer possible to drop two of the same item
  • Immovable War Axe is now Magic and Lore
  • Upped the amount of zone servers available for exploration-happy players
  • Faydedar (Instanced Version) now spawns in the Oasis with Azazel
  • Shield of the Resilient is now classified as a Shield
  • Drastically reduced the amount of NPCs that can see through Hide
  • Greaves of the Archon are now pants, as intended
  • Helm of the Omnipotent is now usable by Berserkers
  • Scimitar of the Mistwalker should now work as intended
  • Plane of Sky teleport pads should work more reliably now
    • This was entirely on my end. The original functionality, which is client-side, still exists, so you may see duplicate/opposing messages
  • Vicious Defender's Axe and Immovable War Axe now have some custom procs to make them a bit more interesting
  • All Selo's Run Speed buffs should now show in the short buff (song) window
  • Increased the spawn rate of scarabs in North Ro
  • Ragefire (Skyfire) no longer flees at low health
  • You now must be level 51 (for classic) and 55 (for kunark) to complete progression flags
  • Morningstar of the Wise's stats have been updated to be a bit more relevant
  • Clerics now have access to the new Aura of Faith (52) spell; group version of Blessing of Faith (35)
    • This spell has been added to Victoria (Home)
  • Staff of the Earthcrafter is now usable by all Druids
  • Venril Sathir in Charasis (SHM Cudgel) should no longer be a human
  • Ancient Wake's (Megalodon) effect/emote should no longer show up as an unknown string
  • Removed "Leave Instance" saylink from all Azazels
  • Fixed an issue with Knight Templar Olav's scripting causing him to scale incorrectly when he absorbs his Templars
  • Scythe of the Shadowed Soul, Nature Walkers Scimitar, and Spear of Fate have had their cast times reduced to 6 seconds from 9
  • Staff of the Four has had its cast time reduced to 10 seconds from 15
  • Orb of Mastery has had its cast time reduced to 12 seconds from 20
  • Greaves of the Archon now have a pants icon
  • Herald Telcha should no longer eat items if you have already completed the band quest
  • War Staff of the Righteous is now usable by Vah Shir
  • Gloves of Pain Delivery are now usable by Ranger
  • Hierophant's Crook is now usable by all Druids
  • Helm of the Destroyer is now Armguards of the Destroyer. Classes swapped from MNK/BST to BER/RNG/ROG
    • MNK/BST are intended to use Dreamer's Helm off Ancient Willowisp
    • BER/RNG/ROG were missing an arm slot
  • Potion of the Swamp now teleports to Innothule, not InnothuleB
  • Wild Lord's now looks like leather, instead of Velious leather
  • Donation Merchant is now live; you can find Venlaar on the ledge near Lady Arcana (this has also been added to the Home map)
  • Inline with the previous update, all races now have race-specific Beastlord pets
    • Frogloks now have a rat pet instead of a skunk (I couldn't get the model to animate correctly)
    • Many of the pets have had their sizes adjusted
  • Janam Rekish now accepts and gives the correct notes
  • Armguards of the Destroyer now have an arms icon
  • Pet Illusions should now work on undead pets
  • Zoning between East and West Freeport should now place you in more reasonable locations
  • Updated Wu the Enlightened's quest text to reflect Decree of Quellious instead of Writ of Quellious
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