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Launch Day Updates!
  • Dwarves and Halflings can now be Bards
  • Adjusted prices on several items/consumables/etc that are available in Home
  • For now, nothing in Burning Woods will flee (you will still encounter the pathing bug with Fear though)
  • Experience Rates have been set back to normal values
  • Deter Pinklage (Home) now offers players the ability to de-level temporarily (Mentoring)
  • Launch Day Hot Zones are as follows:
    • Dungeons: Befallen, Mistmoore, Karnor
    • Open: South Karana, Overthere, Dreadlands
  • Instances have been added (see below)
    • Require 6 players to request (12 for Ancient Content)
    • 36 player cap unless a lower cap is part of the design
    • There is a minimum level depending on the zone/target (40, 46, 51, 55, etc)
    • There is a 1 hour request lockout
    • There is a 20 hour replay lockout per instance (you can request each instance once per day assuming no named are killed)
    • There is a 6.5 day lockout once a named is killed (any named)
    • If you join an in-progress raid you inherit whatever lockouts the raid has
    • Both request lockouts and target lockouts will prevent the request of instances
    • Have a duration of 6 hours
    • You must be the Raid Leader to create an instance
    • Everyone in the Raid must be IN the zone to request an instance
    • Anyone may join an in-progress instance given the above criteria are met
    • Raid Zones (Hate, Fear, Air, VP) are always available
    • Raid Zones are full spawn (All trash, rares, etc)
    • Raid Targets (Naggy, Vox, Royals, etc) are only available while the Open World version is dead
    • Raid Target instances are boss-only (no trash)
    • Azazel can be found at the zone-in of raid zones and near the boss spawn location of raid targets
      • For zones with multiple raid targets, Azazel will spawn near the location of the main target (e.g. Queen in Chardok)
      • For zones with multiple raid targets, all targets must be dead to spawn Azazel (e.g. Veeshan's Peak)
      • To prevent client hang issues when entering instances, I highly recommend "Leaving Instances" you're done with
    • Muriel can be found inside instances (she sends players to the main zone if needed)
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